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    History of KC Night Train

    Believe it or not, KC Night Train started with a Google search that a friend of mine told me about back in 2006. I really didn’t think that much about it at the time but a couple weeks later it popped back up. So I call the guy about this old metro bus that he had listed for sale. We picked it up and started the task of getting this party bus ready to go. About 4 months later it’s ready to go.

    With all our troubleshooting and final touches complete the new big orange party bus is ready for its first rental, or at least we thought it was. The day of the event, I take my last walkthrough before I head out on the maiden voyage and the bus won’t stay running! It’s funny now, looking back, especially since I now know it was such a simple thing but it wasn’t back then. To make sure our customers were taken care of we contact one of the other bus companies in town to come take the run. Now keep in mind there were only about three other party buses operating around the Kansas City area at this time. So it wasn’t as easy to find someone as you may think.

    After that things got a little smoother. People started to notice us everywhere we went. But I guess it would be hard not to miss a 42-foot long orange party bus running down the street. A year in we found that there really was a market in the Kansas City area for party buses so we bought a second one and the phone just kept ringing! At this point, we decided that we needed more vehicles to keep up with the evergrowing demand, so off to the auctions we went. With a lot of research, trial-and-error and many late nights, our team successfully started converting and customizing them into party and limo coach buses.

    Now keep in mind this was all taking place during the recession. It seemed like our fleet, along with the company itself, just grew overnight. After the third vehicle got put on the road we started receiving an increase of requests for smaller vehicles which then led us to purchase KC Night Train’s first limousine and that, later on, turned into adding several SUV limousines to the fleet throughout the years to come.

    There is a difference with us, a difference with how we value the customer and their needs for each and every rental. I hope people will allow us to show them.

    – Sean Walden, owner

    In 2011 I decided to make a run for it and quit my job working with heavy equipment and start running KC Night Train fulltime. At this point, I decided that I really wanted to bring professionalism in this industry. 
    I was noticing that it seemed like there were just a lot of “cowboys” out there running buses at night. We started making little changes with our company. Drivers now dressed the part, customers now received everything in writing to avoid confusion on price or the service they had requested. Small things make a big difference in this industry and the changes started setting us apart from the others.

    Several years later in 2013 KC Night train, decided to once again extend our fleet and start running limo and motor coach buses. This now made it possible to accommodate the travel needs of our customers who want to go further away from the Kansas City area.

    Over the years we have been very fortunate to be a part of many of our customers big events. The majority of our business comes from referrals or return customers. The goal of KC Night Train is to get every customer to come back to us for future transportation needs.

    When I got into the party bus and limousine industry I had really no idea that KC Night Train could make it as long as it has. But our success has a lot to do with the incredible staff I have. They all work daily to ensure every concern or issue has been taken care of and take pride in providing you a vehicle that is clean and safe all before we ever pull out of the lot.

    There is a difference with us, a difference with how we value the customer and their needs for each and every rental. I hope people will allow us to show them.

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