Bus Rules

  1. Must be 21 and have a valid ID to consume adult alcoholic beverages (anyone under 21 who appears to be or is intoxicated or handling alcohol will be asked to leave and the rental may be cancelled).
  2. No weapons of any kind, guns, knives, bats, etc…
  3. No throwing trash, yelling profanity, or hanging out of the windows
  4. No fighting, No release of bodily fluids
  5. No livestock. No fireworks. No silly string. No shaving cream.
  6. No Styrofoam coolers (sorry, they always break).
  7. No tampering with the emergency exit doors or windows
  8. No smoking inside of the vehicles, but we can stop to take smoke breaks outside
  9. No illegal drug use in the vehicles
  10. No wedding/birthday cake
  11. No gymnastics or hanging from the upper hand rails
  12. Do not sit on the back of the seat
  13. Please keep all personal items and valuables with you at all times
  14. We are not responsible for any personal items left or damaged in or around the vehicles
  15. If you break something, you buy it