Walden Limousine Service LLC dba KC Night Train

Underage Non-Chaperoned Transportation Agreement

(For youth transportation 18 years of age and under)

Thank you for choosing KC Night Train for your underage transportation needs. We are excited that we can help make this a special night for everyone.

The service we provide is upheld in the most responsible legal manner. We ask that you talk to your youth, and the other youths that will be using the limousine or party bus and their parents, to outline our policy. We, along with local law enforcement, are committed to providing a safe and sober experience. Our drivers’ primary responsibility is the ensured safety and responsible transportation for all the youth on board, and are instructed to observe zero tolerance regarding underage drinking and/or the consumption of any illegal substances. Company policy is to terminate the service on the spot and immediately contact the lessee, agreement signing parent(s) and/or the police if the signing parent is not available. There is no refund for loss of time or service.


  • Walden Limousine Service LLC, will not allow any youth or group of youths to be aboard or remain on the buses or limousine that appear to be under the influence.
  • We do not allow any of the youths for any reason to come aboard with any large purses, backpacks, satchels or bags. We, in addition, do not allow any fountain drinks, bottled water, energy shots, etc. However, the parents of the youths are more than welcome to bring any non-alcoholic drinks for them.
  • We do require that the contract signer be at the original pick-up location and be available at all times by phone, in case of any kind of incident and be able to come out to the vehicle.
  • Any parent/adult attempting to put alcohol or any kind of illegal substance in any of our vehicles, the rental will be canceled and the police will be called and there will not be any refund for loss of time or services.
  • If the vehicle is detained for any illegal activities or suspicious or illegal activities by any of the youth on board there will be no refund, of time and standard rental rates will apply.
  • It is the lessee responsibility to provide Walden Limousine Service LLC an itinerary where the youth will be taken and what times.
  • The lessee also understands that the lessee is responsible for any damages to the inside or outside of the vehicle by any of the passengers.


  • No weapons of any kind: guns, knives, bats, etc.
  • No throwing trash, yelling profanity or hanging out of the windows.
  • No fighting.
  • No release of bodily fluids.
  • No livestock.
  • No fireworks.
  • No silly string.
  • No shaving cream.
  • No styrofoam coolers (sorry, they always break).
  • No tampering with the emergency exit doors or windows.
  • No smoking inside of the vehicles, but we can stop to take smoke breaks outside.
  • No illegal drug use in the vehicles.
  • No wedding or birthday cake.
  • No gymnastics or hanging from the upper handrails.
  • Do not sit on the back of the seats.
  • Please keep all personal items and valuables with you at all times.
  • We are not responsible for any personal items left or damaged in or around the vehicles.
  • If you break something, you buy it.